Hjalmar Wåhlin – Digital Artist

I met this amazing young artist at Swecon, the national Sci Fi convention in Sweden, earlier this year. He produces the most amazing Science Fiction inspired artwork of landscapes and worlds in space.

Pink Elephant by Hjalmar Wåhlin

My particular favourite, of a man looking out of a huge window in space at an incredible vista of stars and nebulae took my breath away because it was such a powerful echo of Lord Stiletto’s library in my own stories. Spooky.

Supergirl by Hjalmar Wåhlin

With a background in commercial retouching, Hjalmar describes himself as a freelance illustrator and digital artist who loves to create.

Observatorium by Hjalmar Wåhlin

I follow a lot of amazing art work on Twitter. Hjalmar’s work is as good as anything done by the greats of Sci Fi and fantasy art. Majestic, imaginative, beautiful, the works speak for themselves. Check out more of his work at his website by clinking on the link, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Check out Hjalmar’s website   www.hjalmarwahlin.com

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The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies – Film Review


Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

Tonight I watched the final film of The Hobbit.

Absolutely fantastic.

I would imagine like many authors of Sci Fi / Fantasy I was a Lord Of The Rings nut. Read the book a lot when I was young. Taped each episode off the BBC radio production in 1979/80 and listened to it over and over again, to be replaced in time by CDs and mp3. And, of course, the films were fantastic and the extended versions even more so.

 So when I heard The Hobbit was to be made in three films, like everyone, I was surprised. The second film dragged a bit in places but the scenes with Smaug and in Mirkwood were incredible.
The latest one is just incredible. Who cares if it plays fast and loose with the characters and plot.
Smaug’s conversation with Bard the Dragon Slayer is breath taking and the special effects, scenery, architecture and fight sequences are just so exciting and beautiful and awesome. It wasn’t perfect, occassionally a tiny detail could of been better, but overall I was in awe. The action sequences are electrifying and just keep on coming, never stopping the quality. I think the best fight scenes ever, although the sequence in Balin’s Tomb in the extended version of Fellowship Of The Ring take some beating.
Martin Freeman is truly brilliant. His acting career has gone from strength to strength, and Peter Jackson gives him some great lines. Also fine performances by Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, Luke Evans as Bard the Dragon Slayer, Evangeline Lilly and Aidan Turner as the romancing elf and dwarf, a surprising and entertaining performance by Billy Connolly, and a marvellous voicing of Smaug by Benedict Cumberbatch.
I was talking to a good friend before the film and he hasn’t seen the Hobbit films and didn’t care for Lord Of The Rings.
I suppose you love it or don’t. Clearly I’m not a professional film critic but I watch a lot of films. This one’s fantastic. It’s loosely based on the book and much more tied to The Lord Of The Rings especially character wise. But, as I have said, who cares? Unless you are a dyed in the wool purist, if you like Tolkien you are going to love this film.