Revenge Of The Hrym

A mysterious mission. An alien psychopath.

One last chance to save humanity.

Lord Stiletto travels through space and time, fighting for the balance of good and evil. 

As comfortable in combat as at his dining table with friends, he understands the true value of friendship, and the magic of life.

Criminal mastermind, The Hrym, sits like a malignant spider on his barren world. His existence is one of inconsequence, of blankness. His only vice is hatred, hating all that is growing and positive.

As Stiletto and The Hrym battle for the sanity of the Universe, will Stiletto prevail, or will the vacant nothing suck the essence from life itself?

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Science Fiction Short Stories

Communication when it came was subtle and quick.

He felt the pressure of thousands of small things race over his foot, up his leg, heading with lightning speed to the breaks in his suit. The neck and wrists. That was when he felt the intimate contact.

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"Everything I have read so far has blown me away! I love the way he phrases things and how he uses such subtle and seemingly simple details to paint these complete pictures of both the characters and scenes. His writer skills are plainly awesome!”

 Anna Vintersvärd, Author & Publisher

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