The Personal Assistant

The Rabbit wasn’t the only one who had been recruiting at the Steampunk Festival at Gavle, Sweden.

Aiasdotter was the best PA, The Hrym had ever had. Efficient, organised and brilliant, she kept his cosmic empire ticking like clockwork. Working for such a totally evil being had caused some psychological adjustments and some nights she woke up screaming from the vacant banality of it all, but Aiasdotter was a crucial element in the struggles of the friends in their campaign against The Rabbit.

Today all hell had broken loose. The Hrym was not happy. It was impossible to tell from his face, which showed no sign of personality or emotion, but the instant annihilation of all the barmaids in every part of the city, their friends and families was a sure indication that yesterday’s events had got under his skin.

Confident from the moment of their landing outside the city, he had played with the bastard retards like wasps in a jam-jar, and was incandescent when they escaped. Over and over, he replayed the vid of the tall one losing his eyes, but his satisfaction was taken away with the calm and determined way he carried on, as if he had his face destroyed on a daily basis. And, how was it possible for him to fight so well?

Aiasdotter placed the cup of tepid water on The Hrym’s desk, and returned to her duties. It was hard for her to maintain her own sense of calm when she saw the events of the battle and escape over and over again.

And then she saw it. Computers had long ago left the realm of hardware. The software was now tied into the neural processing power of the user’s brain, although in big business, or in the employ of cosmic psychopaths, they were heavily encrypted. Still, being such a trusted part of The Hrym’s network she had very high clearance access, and she had just learnt the whereabouts of the Package. Hard to imagine it was still intact.

She had no chance of getting a message to Gregory, she would have to act. Leaving her desk, she said something banal to The Hrym, and headed down to the storage facility.

The Hrym was disappointed. Aiasdotter was a fantastic asset, even if she was leaking information to the Retards.

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