The Bank Job

Lord Stiletto was striding through the lobby of the Union City Bank in his shirt sleeves and one of his most garish waistcoats. Unusually, the pipe clenched between his teeth was emitting a rather yellow plume of smoke.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” an anxious young lady said to him, “you can’t smoke he…,” but before she could finish the sentence she was dropping where she was. Stiletto caught her, breaking her fall, and laid her carefully on the marble floor.

Others were not so lucky, and clerks and security guards alike were hitting the floor left, right, and centre.

Once the coast was clear, into the lobby came Haydrift Eaglebeard, although one could only identify him from his flowing beard and ponytail, as his face was covered, by what looked to Stiletto, a first world war gas mask.

The electronic security of the bank with its cameras, both overt and hidden, and the latest twenty first century technology, were no match for Stiletto’s future technicians, and had been disabled seconds before he came through the lobby door.

Still the safe complex had some good old-fashioned iron doors with top grade tumbler locks, although these would be no defence against his accomplice with his dimension breaching hand.

Sitting outside a bank in a vintage Bentley with the engine running might be a bit of a giveaway, so Gregory and Sarah were parked in the underground garage. With Stiletto’s nerve agent, this time a mild version, and his neutralisation of the security system, they weren’t expecting any problems with their escape. Somebody hadn’t taken into account the tenacity of The Rabbit.

The Rabbit was sitting in the shadows, whiskers twitching, watching the occupants of the old turbo charged Bentley. With a twitch of his ears he gave the signal for the counter offensive.

Lord Stiletto and Haydrift Eaglebeard knew exactly which vault contained the package, but when they slipped through reality into the vault, with a pop the window in the space time continuum closed behind them. The vault wasn’t empty though, it contained a grizzly bear.

Had, The Rabbit, borrowed the grizzly bear from London Zoo, it might have been a little easier to manage, but this one had been taken from the Alaskan wastes, and it was seriously hungry and pissed off. Its roar in the confined space was deafening. Its mistake, was standing up on hind legs to offer its challenge.

With lightning speed, though an almost casual air, Eaglebeard reached through its chest and crushed its pounding heart. Unfortunately, fourteen hundred pounds of dead bear toppled forward crushing and trapping him against the vault floor.

Sarah’s gun was the sort of gun that had been built in the future by Lord Stiletto’s technicians. Having access to the books in his library this gave a vast array of potential effects. One of their favourites was the Medusa ray which turned the living to stone, like her fabled glare. At the moment, it was creating explosions, which was useful because it had an approximation factor built in, and even if you missed the target all together, they could still be taken out by the environment, in this case the architecture and motor vehicles in the underground car park.

Haydrift Eaglebeard came from an ancient, and warrior-like race, and was made of strong stuff. Still he was pinned to the floor, and with concussion, and the benefit of several broken ribs, one of which was causing some internal bleeding. Left to his own devices he would not have been able to extricate himself from under the dead weight of the bear, even with his new and special hand which was trapped beneath him. Fortunately, his accomplice was Lord Stiletto.

Strong as Stiletto was, he couldn’t shift a fourteen hundred pound carcass, but he had one of those iridium blades, said to be able to cut the fabric of the universe, although not in the way of Eaglebeard’s hand, and he was able to joint the bear into moveable lumps. Fifteen minutes later a very broken and bloody Haydrift Eaglebeard sat on the floor, wondering with his friend, how the bloody hell they were going to get out of this one.

Being a serendipitous lot, where the thought of a friend found them walking around the corner, or at the least, calling on the phone, at that moment the door of the vault momentarily hummed then vanished, and outlined on its other side was Sarah, Lady Bane, holding a gun of some sort.

Back at the Savoy, spruced and cleaned up, with Eaglebeard’s ribs healing below the bandages, the four friends were joined for dinner in Gregory’s private dining room by Duke Magnus and Lady Susanna. Over dessert Magnus was amusingly recounting how the porters had discovered Henrik unconscious under his newspaper, and unable to awaken him, sent him off to Great Ormond Street Hospital in an ambulance, siren blaring and blue light flashing.

Copyright by Jhedron Luckspar © 2014 2018
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