My Reviews – An Introduction

I have been reading Sci Fi for a very long time and I think some of the great Sci Fi is timeless. We live in an age where technology, the science in Sci is changing at an exponential rate.

When I was at school a computer filled several rooms. my first business computer, the best available had a 20MB hard drive, that would now be one quality photograph. Things change fast so if Sci Fi is tied to technology it will date.

One of the greatest Sci Fi books that I really loved was Enders Game by Orson Scott Card which I read in the early 1980’s, already a huge admirer of Hot Sleep, and now 30+ years later made into a great movie.

He anticipated advanced role playing games and world wide blogs years before they existed. What a visionary.

There are books written in the 1950’s before space flight which are as powerful today as they were when they were written, authors like Clifford Simak and AE Van Vogt. I aim to write reviews of some of my favourite Sci Fi books written over many decades, some new, some old.

I was having this conversation with Zrajm at Swecon in June and he was saying how disappointed he was with the Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov, a book I loved when I read it 35 years ago. The issue he found fault with was how nobody was uncomfortable with the removal of the moon from Earth orbit, something he felt would have considerable effect on life on earth, Even the film Bruce Almighty noticed an effect when Bruce pulled the moon in closer to impress his girlfriend. I love Asimov and consider him one of the Fathers of Sci Fi but Zrajm had a point.

When I review I try and give you the flavour of the meal without giving you the recipe. If you like to read the back page of the book first to see how it turns out then my reviews probably aren’t going to be for you.