The Package

Ironically, as it was the source of the explosion that destroyed the Earth, the few that did survive had been located at a small town on the eastern coast of Sweden.

“Thank God, for parallel universes.”

“You jest,” commented Lord Stiletto, puffing on his new pipe. He didn’t have tobacco in his pipe, which he pronounced peep, after a Sean Connery movie, but liked to puff away as if it did. A skill he had learned from a wise one.

“Deadly serious, old chap,” replied Gregory.

“No, about God!”

“Don’t start that again,” and the matter, for the moment, was closed.

The two friends were sat on the roof terrace, of the café at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. There was a package to be collected, and the message had indicated that it was to be found in the new Tutankhamun exhibition.

Lord Stiletto and Gregory had travelled forward in time to his library where they had enjoyed a well-deserved breakfast of scrambled eggs and oysters, before returning refreshed to a parallel existence of the Earth, that conveniently hadn’t been blown up by The Rabbit.

“But are you sure it was The Rabbit?” enquired Stiletto over his Earl Grey.

He flashed a quick hand signal to his friend, and as casually as possible, Gregory raised his gaze to the far corner, where the Girl with the red hair was openly sitting at a table, apparently absorbed in today’s edition of The Times. If the Girl was here, then surely they must also be in the presence of The Rabbit.

“Split up,” said Stiletto, leaving a generous tip on the table and walking immediately to the exit where he headed down the stairs to the second floor, where he became very interested in the tea bowls and swords in the Japanese exhibition.

Meantime, Gregory finished his tea and cake, and also headed down the stairs, but to the Tutankhamun exhibition on the third floor.

He was on one level, rather disappointed by the exhibition. He had hoped there would have been some of the exhibits from the Cairo museum, but apart from a copy of the golden death mask, most of the exhibition related to Howard Carter and his team.

Walking straight up to one of the few genuine Egyptian artefacts, a beautiful basalt statue, he tapped a fast rhythm on the left nipple of the ancient stone carving.

Where there had been smooth stone, an oblong section of the chest, about 5cm wide, seemed to dissolve and quickly Gregory removed the small wax sealed package within.


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